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Comprehensive English language assessment, benchmarking and teacher development for schools and organizations.

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Offer Cambridge English Qualifications at your school

Cambridge English Qualifications are recognised as a mark of excellence for benchmarking and assessment worldwide.

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Cambridge English Qualifications

Globally recognised and accepted

More than 25,000 organizations in 130 countries rely on Cambridge English Qualifications as proof of English language ability.

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Offer Cambridge English Qualifications at your school


Supporting teaching and assessment

Cambridge English has the largest dedicated research time of its kind focusing on developing high-quality assessment. The in-depth exams help teachers make the right decisions for their students.

Relevant and effective

Cambridge English Qualifications are designed specifically for school-aged learners and are designed to reinforce classroom learning and make learning enjoyable.

Teacher support

In addition to exams, Cambridge English provides practice materials, and an extensive range of resources to help teachers give students the best possible preparation.

Support materials include lesson plans, classroom activities, sample papers, handbooks, games and digital resources.

Teaching qualifications

Develop your teaching career further with leading teaching qualifications from Cambridge Education.

Dar Almarifa offers the TKT and
DELTA: Module One exams.

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Supporting learning and progression

Cambridge English Qualifications have been offered since 1913 and provide students with a clear roadmap of progression incorporating real-life communication skills.

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Real-life skills

The exams are based on authentic situations and test all four skills – speaking, writing, reading and listening – helping students develop skills they need inside and outside the classroom.

Better progression

The tests and exams are based on the Cambridge English Scale. They provide a seamless journey from Pre A1 to C2 levels of proficiency and help students consolidate learning and maintain focus and motivation.

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Cambridge English Scale
The CEFR mapping of Cambridge English Qualifications and Multilevel tests.

How Cambridge English Qualifications help students


Trusted for over 25 years

From the first day we opened in 1994, we have helped students improve their language proficiency, develop real world skills, and become confident, independent individuals.

Old photo of Dar Almarifa from the 1990s.

Authorised by
Cambridge Assessment

We are a centre authorised by Cambridge Assessment English. Cambridge Assessment English is part of the University of Cambridge and helps millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.

Dar Almarifa is an Cambridge Assessment English Authorised Exam Centre
Photo of a student at Dar Almarifa in class.