Business English

Our Business English courses are designed to help professionals develop English language skills to communicate confidently and effectively in an international workplace and prove to employers that they have the English language skills to succeed.

English for the International Workplace

English is the language of the international workplace, not just for business. English language skills are important for any company with a diverse workforce or client base. Effective employees should have proficiency in all four language skills, the most important of which are reading and speaking. Reading in English is essential for maintaining and developing professional knowledge and speaking in English is more important than ever with a continuously global economy.

The highest English language requirements are typically the highest in sectors such as banking, finance and law, but the largest gaps are in internal facing roles such as human resources, accounting, finance, production and logistics.


The course is based on a unique syllabus that combines current business theory, business in practice and business skills presented using authentic expert input. Several leading global organizations are featured as case studies in the course as well as input from the Cambridge Judge Business school (University of Cambridge). Several leading business schools have contributed to the syllabus material giving this business English course a credible authentic stamp. The course uses a modular approach based on small discrete units which allow the course to be customised according to the student needs.

Business English Preliminary

The first level of our Business English course covers the language of core topics in business:

  • Culture, motivation, organizational structure
  • Human resources
  • Technology, quality and supply-chain management
  • Marketing strategy and customer relationship management
  • Accounting and finance
  • Managing organizations, decision-making and the learning organisation

Business English Vantage

The second level of the Business English course covers language of more intermediate topics in business such as:

  • Competition and uncertainty
  • Creativity and working across cultures
  • Project management
  • Rewarding performance
  • Branding and E-marketing
  • Accounting and micro-finance
  • Strategic planning and change management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Business English Higher

The final level of the course covers the language of advanced topics in business English aimed at senior management:

  • Market entry strategies, and the economic environment
  • Standardisation and differentiation, and competition within industirie
  • Entrepreneureship, design and innovation
  • International trade, outsourcing and communication
  • Leadership and crisis management
  • Sustainable development and social enterprise


The course is mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) from levels B1 to C2 with a set of competencies mapped to the world of business English that covers the usage of all four skills within each business focus area with a specific focus on clear and competent communication.

The course prepares students to take the following Cambridge exams:

Course comes with a Cambridge English Qualification exam where applicable.

Course comes with a Cambridge English Qualification exam where applicable.

Course comes with a Linguaskill AI-powered exam where applicable.

Course comes with a Linguaskill AI-powered exam where applicable.

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