English for Adults

Our speaking-focused English for Adults course develops the core language skills and builds upon them to enable students to interact and collaborate effectively with people from other backgrounds in a wide variety of situations.

Integrated skills with a speaking focus

Our modern integrated skills course makes speaking the focus of student learning with dedicated speaking lessons based on immersive functional tasks. The lessons work towards building students' confidence in using language both formally and informally, using content from real students responding to discussion questions.

The course uses bite-sized learning and relevant ideas that increase engagement. Real students appear in short videos to discuss topics, which serve as prompts and encourage discussion by giving students something real to react to. The videos also provide diverse speaking models that give students the confidence that they can also achieve something similar and engage in conversation.

Using "Insider English," the course highlights the informal language and colloquial expressions frequently used in everyday situations and pronunciation activities address aspects of pronunciation that most affect communication.

A modern learning platform

Our course uses modern learning materials provided by Cambridge University Press that make digital learning simple.

Course eBooks are available for students to access the full course content online and offline via Cambridge Bookshelf. Streamlined digital learning is supported with fully integrated audio and video clips, easy navigation and the ability to add notes, highlight and bookmark pages. eBooks can be accessed on iPads and supported Android tablets using the Bookshelf app in addition to the desktop/laptop web browser.

Using dedicated smartphone activities brings live content into the class and the makes learning available both inside and outside the classroom. Students have access to practice content and materials that allow them to o their homework on smartphones, tablets or laptops easily accessible wherever they are.


In addition to developing the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the course also develops higher level skills that build on the basic skills and allow students to develop and use the language skills to communicate effectively and accurately. The course covers language competence and reception strategies that enable the student to interact and collaborate with people from other backgrounds, convey information and arguments clearly, fluently and reliably, and build on different contributions to a discussion.


The course prepares students to take any of the following tests and exams:

Course comes with a Cambridge English Qualification exam where applicable.

Course comes with a Cambridge English Qualification exam where applicable.

Course comes with a Linguaskill AI-powered exam where applicable.

Course comes with a Linguaskill AI-powered exam where applicable.

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